Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Winter update

It's winter time and we're using the bad weather as an excuse to get the paperwork organised for the allotment project. There have been delays from the council in getting the licence amended but we have been assured that this will be with us this week. The site is still waterlogged and it looks as though more work is going to have to be done on drainage before anything can continue. We have had a quote for more extensive works, but at £2000 we are more than likely going to have to gather some volunteers in the spring and dig a trench ourselves.

We have had several meetings, one with Voluntary Action Leicestershire who were very helpful in sourcing potential grants and explaining the best way to set up a committee for the group. The probation service are keen to be involved, and we are due to meet them at the weekend to discuss how we can work together.

We have had some trees kindly donated from the Woodland trust which we plan to use as hedging, but have currently taken up residence in our garden for fear of drowning them at the allotment!

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